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Dollar'z dacha, the rude boy!

Born in 1988, Dacha Dollar'z wrote his first lyrics at the age of 11 with the simple desire to want to speak. Arrival in college, he participated in a lively singing activity by Dominique Jean Pierre, one of Wu Tang Park Grand Massif Camp leaders mythical group of the local underground scene with several members become the artist's mentors. This activity will allow him to record his first song in the studio at the age of 13.

Arriving at school, he met the Young Chang Mc talented class, which he described as "one of the most talented people, an alien music." He then met other young artists such as Silverman, Drex, Warped, to name a few. This is the energy of the time that nourishes creativity and desire to prove himself. Enterprising nature, he founded the Youth IM group with some colleagues whose Genow and Pon2Mik.

He then in 2006 the meeting of Dawa and Toshman that will create the famous stables That Bling School composed of Larose, Lil Low, Pon2Mik, Genow and Dacha Dollar'z himself. His first success, he meets with the song "Pound" which is found on the mixtape Konet Lari 2 J2MO in 2007. During this same period he made his first scenes.

"It is on stage that I feel to live"

From 2007 to 2010, Dacha Dollar'z studying law with the aim of becoming a lawyer. After a year, he eventually left the university to move BTS international trade.

In 2010, through his manager he met the artist and producer KRYS, who showed an interest Pinacolada piece written in 2008 it will produce in 2011. He joined the label Step Out to the side of artists such as Colonel reyel, Misié Sadik Xman or Kalash, from 2010 to 2014.

During this period, he released the song 7th heaven will become the third clip from Guadeloupe to exceed one million on Youtube. It enchainer many mythical scenes Bataclan, or Zenith in Paris for the first part of the concert of the Jamaican artist, Capletone. With his buzz, it will chain dates at a frantic pace in the West Indies - Guyana, in France but also in Germany and Belgium. It counts no less than 15 million cumulative views on Youtube.

In 2014 it became independent and launches ART GROUP MONEY label on which we find the Warped Silverman and artists. Other local artists have also collaborated with the label which Drex for which he co-produced his mixtape "Red Life 2" that propelled him with pieces such as "Everything ok bitin 'and rapper Pon2Mik it produces and for a managera year, with his famous piece "Cocaina".

His first big success as a producer was the title "If Mom if" Warped and Drex, a title which has reached the highest steps of Caribbean playlist, which has over 3 million views on Youtube. Follow the track 2 ti mo Warped out 1 month after the first, surpassing the previous at all levels and reached 4 million views on youtube. Following that its flagship artist bind themselves successful to date with artistic direction flawless.

" I am an architect "

The music of Dacha Dollar'z is primarily therapeutic. His lyrics and his image and sometimes trashy hardcore expresses a side of his personality. But as he said himself, he considers himself an impersonal artist, without really knowing that we know.

Both artist entrepreneur, Dacha Dollar'z relies today on intuition and vision. They can create a real movement that would provide fertile ground both artistically and economically to local artists.

Top Tracks

Quick 1


Pinacolada 2


7ème ciel 3

7ème ciel

7ème ciel (feat. Krys) 4

7ème ciel (feat. Krys)

Duracel 5


A pa tay 6

A pa tay

T'es à moi 7

T'es à moi

Bay bay bay - A bout portant 8

Bay bay bay - A bout portant

Appelle-moi 9


Je ne pleure plus 10

Je ne pleure plus

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